A Christmas Tradition

Poinsetta... Nothing dresses up the holiday home like a poinsettia. Choose from the traditional red, or compliment your decor with pink, white, or multicolored varieties. Poinsettia are easy to care when you know how to grow.


Poinsettias thrive with at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight per day. Avoid direct sun.


Poinsettias do best in room temperature. (18-20C) Avoid both cold drafts from doorways and windows and warm drafts from hot air registers. Poinsettias are cold sensitive and can not be exposed to temperatures below 50F. Make sure that you wrap it well to transport from the greenhouse to your home.


Water when soil feels dry to the touch. Don’t let your poinsettia sit in water. Make sure that water does not collect in the bottom of decorative containers or pot covers.


Don’t fertilize when plant is in bloom. Wait until after the blooming season and then use a balanced fertilizer like Plant Prod 20-20-20.

Getting your poinsettia to bloom next Christmas is tricky, but not impossible.
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